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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

With digital marketing flooding our collective consciousness with stimuli, does brochure marketing still hold sway in 2021 or is it a total dud?

If you’re not a traditionalist, you’ll be surprised to learn that brochures are still as effective as they were 10 years ago.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a factoid that might convince you: Brochures delivered through door drop marketing can stay in a house for 38 days, and 23% of it gets circulated around family members.

If anything, direct mail marketing is gaining momentum as of late as people begin to crave physical media.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this data from Bentley University that provides some insight into brochures:

  • 79% of tourists like to pick up brochures

  • 85% of people who read brochures learn about new businesses

  • 61% of people buy products once they see it in brochures

The importance of designing a great brochure & using it as a business marketing tool and using it as a marketing tool.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you must be aware of what the brochure is and what its significance is. A brochure is considered as a common marketing tool used to publicise any business, its product, or services. It is also a great way to introduce your new business products and services to existing customers or increase their reach to new prospects. You can hand them out in person, through the mail, or leave at specific businesses that are ready to help you reach their customers. A brochure typically has one, two, or three folds and is different from a direct mail letter, flyer or catalog.


The idea behind the development of a brochure is to extend your customers’ knowledge about your business and make them familiar with your product and services. Brochures can help you:

· Catch the attention of your target audience with its amazingly beautiful visual design.

· Promote your products, agency, or service in a natural way.

· Build trust between you and your potential customers.

· Promote your business in a cost-effective manner as compared to advertising on TV or in


· A tangible, physical, and subtle brochure become more precious to the customers.


They contain huge information in a small area: Brochures are compact in shape and sharing data, but you can share a lot of information about your business, its services/products in that given size. You can use brochures to introduce your company, provide a snapshot of products and/or services, as well as share exclusive features, benefits, and contact information.

They are extremely versatile: As compared to other print materials, brochures are highly versatile. It can be mailed, used on location, or distributed at events.

They can be easily distributed to a targeted audience: Whether you are handing out brochures in a large event or distributing them door-to-door, the biggest advantages of a brochure is that they are a simple yet effective way to target a group of people. This method is particularly beneficial for local businesses or small franchises.

Brochures are cost-effective marketing material: There are so many companies that offer brochure design and printing at highly affordable rates. Get your brochures printed in bulk as it will cost you less and you can use them in many different ways over time. Larger orders often mean lower prices.

They offer an easy referral system: It may appear to be simple, but brochures can be passed from person-to-person. This referral method still works today, and shouldn’t be ignored.

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